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The Raw Truth

Bones2Go! carefully selects products that we believe best represent our view of RAW feeding, nutritious food and other products that promote a healthy, fun and rewarding lifestyle for you and your pet. We have hundreds of products to choose from and the best way to experience what we have to offer is to visit the store. Our staff is trained to help you find the diet that best fits your pet's unique needs. Come in any time for a free consultation! 

How is Bones2Go different?

We are a family run business that believes customer service, knowledge of our products and a friendly personal atmosphere are key ingredients when buying food for your pet. 

Not just raw!

We carry a wide variety of products including leashes, shampoos, interactive toys, treats, supplements, grain free kibble and more! Come on in to see what we have! 

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Why feed raw?

Our furry friends were made to eat meat. A raw diet provides them with the biologically appropriate nutrients to allow them to thrive just as they would have in the wild. Most people report significant improvements in most areas of their pet's health when switching to a fresh raw diet. 

The Benefits of Feeding Raw
  • Better overall health and energy level.

  • Improved dental health. Raw meaty bones help to clean your pet's teeth so the vet doesn't have to! 

  • Shinier coats and healthier skin. A raw diet is great for pets with allergy issues and a multitude of skin conditions. 

  • Smaller stools and better digestion. A dog or cat who eats raw is better absorbing their nutrients so stool volume is much less.

  • Leaner body mass and a strong immune system. Raw food can help your pet's metabolic rate which will in turn lead to a more lean, healthy look. Raw food contains a great balance of essential fatty acids and other key nutrients that help your dog truly thrive.

  • Inreased mental stimulation! Feeding a raw diet consisting of parts and pieces helps your dog or cat become mentally stimulated when eating.

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